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Hayashi Labs, thought to be lost to time and space, returns - thanks to an unorthodox, multi-world mystery. RE: DECEIVED VOICE is a re-imagined ARG-Adventure experience from the team behind A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP and SPACE / MECH / PILOT.

With the help of a sentient A.I. program, explore a abandoned laboratory as a stranger burdened with endless questions. Navigate through strange, out of the box problems in order to uncover the aftermath of the "Hayashi Labs Incident".


  • A re-imagined ARG-Adventure: The gameplay of the original, a RPG Maker game using minimal original assets, returns in a brand new way - complete with a unique art style, soundtrack, and a 2D side-scrolling perspective.
  • Out of the Box Challenges: Sometimes, the answers you're seeking for may not be in the game itself. Use the game's provided clues and descriptions to help find the next "online" destination you're headed for.
  • The Hayashi Labs You Don't Remember: Explore the aftermath of the "Hayashi Labs Incident" through the lens of a spectator with mysterious goals. This is a brand new, unique take on the original story set in the PROJECT NATURA universe.
  • Customize like it’s Y2K: Alter the game’s main UI (your cursor, the POCKET COMPUTER's desktop background, and dialogue/game interface) to a multitude of different, collectible styles.

You can play the predecessor for the game, DECEIVED VOICE - WHISPER'S REDUX for free.

P.S. - All screenshots are of the game in very early production and are not final.

content warning (subjected to change): swearing, death, family conflict, references to guns

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