A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP Official Soundtrack - Now on YouTube!

Hey everyone! On behalf of everyone at SKY HOUR WORKS, we thank you so much for playing the game, especially if you played our game through itch.io's Bundle for Racial Equality and Justice. We're glad that we can offer this game to others to play while things across the world are breaking down. If you've felt the game has meant something for you and/or comforted you in these tough times, we urge you to please continue supporting the Black Lives Matter and Pride movements in any way possible. Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter, Pride started as a riot, and ACAB. Including Segwayne. Especially Segwayne.

To get right to the point, the game's soundtrack by Evan "Arachnibot" Thaxter and Tanner "Ruky" Crank is now available on YouTube and you can listen to it through this playlist here (and our newly opened SKY HOUR WORKS YouTube channel)


You can buy the soundtrack and support Evan/Ruky here:


(as a note, we are considering bringing the soundtracks for Gato, PACK-CAT, and Deceived Voice - WHISPER'S REDUX to YouTube in the future, as well as putting the soundtracks for all of our projects on more platforms in the future like Steam and Spotify, we'll keep you posted when we get around to that!)


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