A downloadable mod

The race to live to the fullest begins again!

Play as Adrien and The Flight Attendant, characters from SKY HOUR WORKS' A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP as your kart racer of choice in SRB2 Kart! 

And...what's this? A new friend has joined the race! Guest cameoing is the Natura resident CHI XU!

The Adrien and The Flight Attendant Mods were created by Supeh Soph (SPACE / MECH / PILOT). The CHI XU Mod was created by crayoola. These mods were originally created for fun - but were never publicly released until now for the one-year anniversary of A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP!


Unzip the folder and place them in the folder where you've installed SRB2 Kart. Upon booting up the game, select ADDONS and select the individual mods to enable them.



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