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btw for those wondering the save file is stored in C:/Users/(your windows username)/AppData/Local/GardenForGato

if you finished the game or died you can delete it to start a new run (why is there no in-game option for this)


Hi there - that's the point with the game (the intention of the game ending / game over state being permanent). Nothing wrong with accessing and modifying the save yourself, but that decision was inspired by the permanence of Tamagotchi pets! -Jeff

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For anyone who's curious, Letting Gato die (Which Disables the game permamently even after a re-install) simply gives the message:
(And its hard to let gato die as you have to actively try to get them killed.)
Edit:Even downloading the Gamejolt Version of the game doesn't reverse the permadeath.

The game told me to replay it, but I can't because my character disappeared into Natura. They didn't die, so I don't get it.


Did you reach the credits? If so, that's the end of the game


Yeah, it was the credits. The beginning of the video in Sparacchino's post suggested that I could start a new game, but I guess not? Weird.


They probably were deleting the save file to restart the game and do multiple playthroughs of it.


I just started playing this game and I really like it!! A pet sim and a bullet hell in one sounds really neat!! But I'm so nervous about accidentally killing Gato... So I made a system restore point just in case.... ;_;

I can´t get the game to start . I see the starting screen ( Wake gato up etc... ) but nothing happens when I press left and right ,or any other buttons :(

You might have to try releasing both keys at the same time - implementation was a lil finicky, must had to do with a bug I couldn't figure out back then! ~Jeff


Cool hybrid!

Here my best score:


Thanks for playing the game!


Who the hell though that down to select and left/right to go up/down was a good idea?