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“Young child..for their choices aren’t yours to make..”

The fate of a young creature by the name of Gato is in your hands - you’re their caretaker, after all! GARDEN FOR GATO is a Pet Sim X Shmup-RPG hybrid. Take care of Gato’s needs using only 3 buttons to deliver food, items, and engage in dialogue conversations. Help them grow by deploying the SPACE/MECH/PILOT program, allowing Gato to defeat enemies and earn XP through engaging top-down shmup battles, where Gato’s growth will change how you play!

You’ll be walking Gato through several stages of their life...and perhaps you’ll find out that they aren’t the kid you think they were - could Gato grow to become a //ANGEL...or a //DEVIL? Perhaps that is for you to find out.


  • PET SIM X SHOOT-EM-UP RPG HYBRID - A combination of excitng systems.
  • PermadeathNeglecting to take care of Gato leads to their permanent death.
  • Similar to Tamogotchi, you have 3 buttons used across the entire game - making it simple to engage and fun to mess around with!
  • Keeping their needs up will allow Gato to stay alive and engage with the SPACE/MECH/PILOT program - a top-down space shmup with RPG mechanics.
  • Two Different Paths - Gato can grow to two different forms - //ANGEL or //DEVIL. Which path will Gato end with? That may, or may not be up to you.
  • Featuring Original Music by Ruky - previously known for games such as A NIGHTMARE’S TRIP and DECEIVED VOICE - WHISPER’S REDUX!

GARDEN FOR GATO was made for both Jeffrey and Kara's Basic Game Design class at GMU.

The soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp!

* - The game does not support full-screen. Forcing the game to full-screen may cause potential issues.

content warning: permadeath, loud sound effects (configurable in options), use of weaponry

Release date Dec 04, 2019
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Simulation
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, GameMaker, Shoot 'Em Up, Virtual Pet
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Got here through S/M/P, and it's probably gonna be a ride /lh

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btw for those wondering the save file is stored in C:/Users/(your windows username)/AppData/Local/GardenForGato

if you finished the game or died you can delete it to start a new run (why is there no in-game option for this)


Hi there - that's the point with the game (the intention of the game ending / game over state being permanent). Nothing wrong with accessing and modifying the save yourself, but that decision was inspired by the permanence of Tamagotchi pets! -Jeff

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For anyone who's curious, Letting Gato die (Which Disables the game permamently even after a re-install) simply gives the message:
(And its hard to let gato die as you have to actively try to get them killed.)
Edit:Even downloading the Gamejolt Version of the game doesn't reverse the permadeath.

The game told me to replay it, but I can't because my character disappeared into Natura. They didn't die, so I don't get it.


Did you reach the credits? If so, that's the end of the game


Yeah, it was the credits. The beginning of the video in Sparacchino's post suggested that I could start a new game, but I guess not? Weird.


They probably were deleting the save file to restart the game and do multiple playthroughs of it.


I just started playing this game and I really like it!! A pet sim and a bullet hell in one sounds really neat!! But I'm so nervous about accidentally killing Gato... So I made a system restore point just in case.... ;_;

I can´t get the game to start . I see the starting screen ( Wake gato up etc... ) but nothing happens when I press left and right ,or any other buttons :(

You might have to try releasing both keys at the same time - implementation was a lil finicky, must had to do with a bug I couldn't figure out back then! ~Jeff


Cool hybrid!

Here my best score:


Thanks for playing the game!


Who the hell though that down to select and left/right to go up/down was a good idea?